Taking the Leap from Employee to Business Owner with Michelle McGlade

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In today’s podcast, AJ sits down for a second time with Michelle McGlade to talk about moving through fear as you transition from employee to business owner. Michelle addresses the fears associated with becoming a business owner. She stresses the ultimate need to know your “why”–your ultimate vision. When you know the “why” and your mission, your decisions become less rooted in fear and, everything is easier.

Michelle began her wellness career as a licensed acupuncturist and has moved her entrepreneurial skills to an online marketplace and business coaching for wellness entrepreneurs. She walked the path of successful clinic owner and is happy to share her experience in becoming a business owner. Ultimately, she made a choice to close down her practice to launch her online community. She continues to help wellness practitioners find their footing with her online business coaching platform and her book, “Unstoppable: Strategies to Launch and Grow your Holistic Practice”.

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