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In this podcast, AJ talks with Lorne Brown about the keys to hiring an associate. Lorne gives us some valuable hints on how to find the right associate that fits your practice and ideology. He provides some great insight on his initial mistakes in hiring associates, and outlines how to not repeat his errors. As a bonus, Lorne is hiring at his Canadian clinic, Acubalance. Listen for a call for applicants at the end of the podcast!!

Learn more abouth Lorne’s clinic, Acubalance Wellness Center:

Find a vast amount of CEU (Prod Seminars) and free seminars (Medigogy) at:

If you haven’t already picked up Lorne’s amazing book, “Missing the Point: What Acupuncturists Fail…and What They Need to Know to Succeed”, find it here:


About Lorne:


Dr. Lorne Brown is the Clinical Director of Acubalance Wellness Centre, and the Founder of Pro D Seminars, Medigogy and the Integrative Fertility Symposium.

After a career as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Lorne received his Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Vancouver’s International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Lorne has extensive postgraduate training in gynecology, obstetrics, and reproductive medicine.

Internationally known for his ground-breaking work as an educator and advocate for integrated fertility care, Lorne was the first Canadian to be a certified fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM).

Dr. Brown has successfully integrated his entrepreneurial skills and background as a CPA with his passion for Chinese Medicine, establishing a very successful fertility practice ( and pioneering online continuing education through Pro D Seminars and for the continued success of Chinese Medicine Practitioners world-wide.

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  1. Lorne hit on such great points! I manage a group acu practice in Arizona and completely agree with hiring the right people who are hungry for work and not entitled. We have two associates so far and hiring two more in the next year. Great tips to do even better and nail the retention side of it with the autonomy and mastery. Listening to this one a few times to make sure I get all my notes down. Thanks Lorne and AJ!

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