Introducing Distal Points into Your Practice with Brad Whisnant

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In this podcast, AJ speaks with the very prolific Brad Whisnant about the theory behind distal needling utilized by Master Tung and Dr Richard Tan. Brad gives us a taster of how Tung/Tan points can be integrated into current clinical practice to enhance treatment. Brad also sneaks in some practice management and mindset gems that round out the interview nicely.

About Brad Whisnant, DOAM

Brad Whisnant graduated from OCOM in 2007 and finished his doctoral studies at Emperors College in 2011. After graduation he spent two years traveling and volunteering while he honed his skills. In 2009, Brad and his wife opened Pin Point Acupuncture in St. Helens, OR, and he, also, runs the nonprofit organization Acupuncture Volunteer. When not in the clinic, Brad travels the world teaching Master Tung/Richard Tan theory and application in his completely relatable style. In addition to seminars, Brad is the author of 6 books on Tung point theory and application focusing mainly on pain management to help boost the revenue of the reader’s acupuncture clinic. He has recently shifted his focus from writing to producing online seminars that are full of information that can be used in your clinic today. The even better news is that they are very reasonably priced and include free information on needling techniques for Tung points and clinic hacks.

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