Combining Chinese Medicine with modern technology to tackle infertility with Kirsten Hurst-Karchmer

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In this episode, AJ sits down with Kirsten Hurder-Karchmer.

Kirsten is the Founder and CEO of an innovative herb company called Conceivable. Her herbal line approaches a women’s constitution during each phase of her cycle, allowing a more targeted approach to addressing the patient’s underlying make-up, regulating her cycle, and promoting fertility. In addition, Kirstin and her team spent a year developing a powerful conception app based on Chinese Medicine. This unique platform offers a customized constitutional diagnosis for each phase of a woman’s cycle, menu plans, behavior modification tools, and other features that promote a healthy cycle and improve fertility. Recent data has shown that 30% of women who used the Conceivable platform plus the appropriate herbs for 90 days became pregnant. For clinicians, Kirsten has also created a subscription plan where clinics can use the Conceivable platform for a small monthly payment and get a referral fee for Conceivable herbs prescribed to their patients.

At the end of the podcast, Kirsten makes a call to action to acupuncturists. Her thought provoking exercise will extend you past your comfort zone and help you grow exponentially as a practitioner and person while you are able to help so many more patients.

To find out more about Kirsten and Conceivable, visit:

Or email her at:

To order from the Conceivable herbal line, go to:

In addition, Kirsten will be offering a free online seminar with within the next month, where she will discuss the ins and outs of hiring, firing, and managing an associate. Sign up with Medigogy for the most current updates.

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