Neuropuncture with Dr. Michael Corradino

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Subscribe: | RSS | Itunes   This week AJ sits down with Dr. Michael Corradino to discuss his revolutionary method– Neuropuncture. Neuropuncture is a highly effective neurophysiological technique which combines the mechanism of acupuncture with that of electrical stimulation to achieve amazing results. Mike outlines his method and how understanding neuroanatomy allows you to integrate traditional acupuncture with neuroscience for superior results. “Once you understand it’s neuroscience, you can treat anything.” June 12, 2016 at 9am (PST) Neuropuncture: Advanced Electrical Acupuncture Dr. Corradino and ProD seminars present a live webinar detailing how electro-acupuncture works, its different applications, and research outlining ideal frequencies and amperage (milliamp vs. microamp). In this module, Mike is going to show you how to use electro-acupuncture to optimize your results and maximize the patient experience. Clink the link below and find information on the live seminar under “live upcoming”: http://www.prodseminars.net/?a_aid=564e00f190a08 Dr. Corradino is the co-founder of the North County Integrated Acupuncture Center, an integrated pain center in San Diego, and is a faculty member and clinical supervisor at PCOM, San Diego. He is also the resident acupuncturist for the Golden Door Spa and Retreat, where he is able to educate some of the most influential people from around the world about the benefits of Chinese Medicine....

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