Acupuncture in Sports Performance

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In this podcast, AJ sits down with Neil Maki to discuss how acupuncture can affect sports performance. Neil walks us through his extensive literature research on how acupuncture is currently being applied to sports performance. While his doctorate capstone project focused on the effects of acupuncture on pitching in baseball, he has extended this knowledge in a small proof-of-principle study for improving athletic performance with promising results. He generously shares the protocol he has used for his study and discusses theories about the mechanism of action for the effect of acupuncture in sports performance. The information that Neil presents in this podcast highlights a virtually untapped area for the use of acupuncture in sports that goes beyond injury treatment and recovery.

About Neil:

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Dr. Neil Maki is an Exercise Physiologist and Chinese Medical Practitioner out of Marina Del Rey, CA. Neil began his career with a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from Oakland University in Rochester Hills, MI. He went on to complete both his Masters and Doctoral education in Chinese Medicine from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA. He is a member of a team of practitioners out of Los Angeles area who offer a unique, concierge-style service of Chinese Medicine. This allows him to go directly to the athletes he works with and delivery quality care in situ.

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